Your womb is
an incredible source of
life energy and
well-being, full of
innocence, harmony,
openness and softness

Beautiful you,

Do you experience

tension, pain or numbness in your womb? Or have shame about embodying your sexuality? You are not alone. Many women have stagnant energy in their womb. Our work is to support you heal the physical, emotional and mental scars from such things as:

  • Growing up in societies or families with twisted and repressed sexual beliefs
  • Sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment and manipulation
  • Distorted, casual or unloving sexual relationships
  • Infertility, abortion, miscarriage, difficulty during pregnancy and child birth
  • Painful menstrual cycles, heavy periods, pain during sex, hysterectomy and other surgeries, pelvic and vaginal pain

This topic of the feminine and sexuality is something that is relevant for all women. The more we do this work, the more we unwind as a society – the more we realise that all women, to some degree, have a womb wound.


Be seen for the true beauty you are by releasing shame, trauma and old patterns you are carrying. No more swallowing your pain; feel comfortable, confident and safe in your own skin.

What a beautiful encounter with Lakshmih today. Her warmth, directness and respect put me at ease. Her understanding, observation and care kept me there. Struggling with shame had become my norm and I had resigned to shutting down as my best option. Our session entailed unravelling the roots of my shame and seeing how it had infiltrated physical & emotional areas of my life. Gentle solutions were bridged & we finished with a powerful meditation. I left feeling connected, enlivened & hopeful…with a follow up session booked. Blessed & encouraged & relieved.

– Mary P. King, UK 

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Imagine all the people….

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It is more than the place of your sexual organs, it is also a powerful energy centre in your body. Find out how to bring awareness and healing to your womb, this is the key to softening, the key to owning your unique sexual and feminine energy.