Lakshmih Moon

healer & speaker

Lakshmih Moon

I have been working with clients in one-to-one and workshop settings for more than ten years. I combine my therapeutic background with presence and spiritual insight to support you in your life here and now. 

I am deeply touched by the courage I get to witness in clients. People who face their fears, speak their truth and cry their tears as they turn in towards themselves to love and embrace the deepest, most injured parts of themselves.

In supporting women to heal sexual wounds and trauma I use an empathic, grounded approach. My emphasis is on going slow, and allowing things to unfold, as they always do, to the surprise of clients.


I feel I am refreshingly unique in this field of liberating sexual energies today. I am an Indian woman who has broken the chain of dysfunctional cultural and family patterns. I dived deeply into my own personal development and healing, many years ago and in recent years my womb and sexual healing. I left the UK in 1996 and have since lived in Denmark. I speak Danish fluently.


This work is much needed in the world, healing women’s sexual wounds and trauma. Work with me to be guided to the deepest parts of yourself, so you may hear your truth and heal. I am honoured to hold this space for you.

 My own journey led me here. It includes a tough childhood, struggles with sex, pregnancy and relationships. I had become hard, angry and isolated. For years I denied the pain that was eating away at me from the unloving and consequent painful sexual encounters. The breaking point came after six years of trying to get pregnant and exposing myself to numerous rounds of painful infertility treatments, excruciating internal examinations and trying to recover from four miscarriages. Dealing with the emotional and physical pain residing in me, and especially in my womb started to soften me. Slowly, I turned stones to allow the depth of grief and anger buried deep within me to rise. It was not smooth or pretty, probably the hardest thing I have ever done. I feel blessed to have had wonderful support, and it is this same spirit of support and guidance I share with clients. Eventually, I started to feel lighter and like myself for the first time. Profound healing through therapy and moving practices has enabled me to let down my defences. Today I am a strong voice, and have a wealth of knowledge and professional experience that I can share with women who want to heal their sexual wounds.


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Iespecially want healing and my work to be made available to women who have grown up in cultures where there has been little or no encouragement for you to express yourself sensually; where there has been little emphasis on you getting to know your own body and the powerful energies that reside within you. I see myself as a powerful contributor to start conversations about embracing the emotions for healthy sexual interactions and dealing with sexual violence and distorted, casual and unloving relationships.


I feel this work is strongly needed in the world today, the work of teaching how not to swallow your pain and hurts. The work of tapping into the awkwardness of what really needs to be said. Especially when it comes to sexual topics.


“I have been working with Lakshmih for about a year and it has been a deeply rich experience for me. She initially helped me with relationship and sexual issues, then some months ago I shared about the time I was raped. Working through this trauma was tough but throughout I felt completely safe sharing and crying with Laskhmih. Her empathy and intuition are highly valuable. She has helped me see behavioural patterns from childhood that no longer serve me. The healing has changed me, I feel grounded in my body, I value myself and trust my own instincts more. Lakshmih is someone you can trust, she can help you work through your personal issues.”

– Mette

“Lakshmih’s aura is relaxed, open and friendly. Her feminine radiance is reflected in the way she conducts herself. I have learnt a lot about myself as i have been diving into my own sexual healing.”

– Mimi