These are some of the crazy visions I have for the world. A world where:

  • ALL women are free of sexual wounds and trauma
  • An holistic approach to sexual education is available
  • Both men and women feel safe in their body
  • Women can freely be sensual without feeling shame
  • Womb care really is for women (also for the sensitives like me), it is gentle, nurturing, holistic
  • Men and women are having more conversations about sex with their respective partners in an open, receptive way; where both are more aware of each other’s needs, embracing a more honest approach
  • Women speak up about what is uncomfortable sexually, and are unapologetic about it. They ask for things to be slowed down – this seems to be a big taboo!
  • Menstruation is not hidden from society
  • Orgasmic living is the norm – full body connection with life and nature

I’m passionate about working with women and supporting you in your healing processes, especially all the feelings you have around your sexuality; and your womb wounds and trauma. Perhaps you are like the women I meet – they want to have, sometimes difficult, conversations about their own sexual nature and bodily awareness. They want to bring light and emotional insight into what is really going on for them.

The emotional, physical and mental scars that many women feel about wounds and trauma to their womb can seem both overwhelming and unmanageable. Surely this needs to change? Surely, it’s time we started dedicating time to our womb health? (More than a check up at the gynaecologist). Womb health is actually one and the same with our life energy. Isn’t it ok to inquire into how you truly feel as a women, as a sexual being and why you may have little or no feeling in your womb?

Or what about questioning why wanting to feel sensual or addressing sexual wounds often lies so low on your priority list? This zaps the life energy needed to function as a balanced human being.

Has something you read here triggered your curiosity? Or made you aware of something you would like to discuss in a safe and confidential space? Then I am offering FREE sessions to all who are interested until Friday 21st June, 2019. Contact me directly via Messenger or +45 2186 3747 to book.

Won’t you join me to create such a world?