it Is about you

You are guided to a place deep within yourself to heal. It is sensitive work so I fine tune to go at a pace that meets your individual needs. You will always be held in a safe space. See below for upcoming workshops.


At every healing or therapy session you are met with empathy and presence. You have the opportunity to release blocks, so that the whole time, the true you is unfolding. 

Sessions can be in Danish or English. Location is Frederiksberg, Birkerød or over a video call.

Lakshmih Moon in 1-1 session with a client


Each session is 60 minutes, amounts are in Danish Kroner

1 session 900 kr
5 sessions 3.600 kr
8 sessions 5.100 kr


Channeling sessions bring clarity and insights into any area of your life. The high vibrational guidance is often focused on your soul’s emerging and guides you with love and focus. Each session is up to 75 minutes. This includes a preparation phase and a debrief after the channeling. (Similar to clairvoyance in case you are not familiar with channeling)
Price 1100 kr


I look forward to connecting with you.

Contact me directly to book a session
+45 2086 3747 or
I respond quickly with available dates and time for your appointment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule please let me know as soon as possible and no later than 14:00 on a week day before your appointment. You will be charged for the full amount in the case of late cancellations. 


Mobilpay to 2087 3747 or if you are a client living outside Denmark, I will send you a Paypal request.


Book me to run a women’s circle or invite me to your next event to share on topics such as:

Healing sexual wounds and trauma
Dealing with and releasing shame
The importance of connecting with your womb – returning to a place of tender intimacy within yourself
The impact of societal and cultural up-bringing on women’s sexuality

Contact me directly to discuss and book. Talks are engaging and thought provoking; they focus on what it means to be gentle and to have the courage to soften in a world where we are encouraged to give power to our minds or become intellectually driven. This is how we disengage from our womb and become angry or frustrated.

Open Women's Circle

every monday

Frederiksberg starting 4th January 2021