Time after time, I meet people who feel they have not been met in their life. Do you know this feeling?

I have met people who feel misunderstood and people who feel wrong or left out.

It’s often people who have baggage (and we ALL have some!), a baggage that they have in no way chosen and that can be difficult to get rid of alone. When you are not met you somehow get forced into a box, one that you don’t feel you belong or one that you don’t feel fully alive in.

This has also happen to me, I have felt misunderstood and wrong many times. But it’s gotten easier the more I have untangled the knots that were inside me and sought help. It is a beautiful gift when someone, for a period in your life, can give you what you didn’t get; it gives you the moments and hours you didn’t get to experience. It can support you while you find your balance and can stand on your own feet again.


There are many options available today for how to do that – you can think positively or dance and shake out your emotional pains and much, much more. (I’ve tried many things and I’m not against any of them:-)

But here’s what I know, from my experience with clients:


Over time I’ve learnt there usually is a really good reason why you did what you did or you do as you do. It’s crucial I can meet you right there before your next step can be considered. And normally I don’t know what that next step is for you.

This is the type of therapy you will meet with me, regardless whether your topic is sexual in nature and womb related or not, it will be an experience for you because we are in the NOW. A process doesn’t open up if I can’t meet you right where you are, right now. 

These meetings are an honour for me to be a part of. It’s very unique, when I can clearly feel a client hasn’t, for a long time, or sometimes ever, been met. And that it’s in this moment we are sharing that they feel MET.

A few of the topics women bring to me and need to be met with included; painful and difficult periods; lack of sexual desire; pain during sex; sadness over infertility issues; uncomfortable experiences at the gynaecologist; painful and traumatic sexual experiences from their past; and not having the courage and confidence to communicate to their partner what they really, deeply need during sexual interactions.  

Everyone needs to be met at various points in their life, everyone needs to feel understood and be able to release some of the baggage that has perhaps become too heavy to carry. It takes presence, attention and focus to stay in the NOW and I practice every single time I meet clients who show me that confidence. What an honour it is, thank you for trusting me.