Womb Therapy

Why is it important to heal the energy in your womb?

Well, first and foremost, because you matter. You being here in a woman’s body matters. A healthy womb is the key to your intuition, creativity, sexuality and vitality. Restoring your womb to it’s natural balance benefits not only your own well-being and health but also has a positive impact on those closest to you. You are unique and your story is unique. The experiences your womb has been subjected to, whether it is listed on this home page or something else, will have to one degree or another, imprinted painful memories that still lie in your womb. This is because your womb has a cellular memory.

Bringing awareness and healing to your womb

is the key. 
This is where the painful memories need to be


So, if you are someone who takes your womb for granted, or simply ignores this part of your body, perhaps ‘stuffing’ unspoken and unresolved painful emotions downward, firstly be really gentle with yourself. Secondly, know you are not alone. Acknowledge that now is the time to stop swallowing your pain. This is what creates the stagnant energy and it is how you tend to harden. When this happens, you give more power to your mind or become intellectually driven. It is from this place of disengagement you can become angry and frustrated. Read on further below to find out what a session for you could be like.

Lakshmi’s energy is incredibly warm and professional. I felt very safe with her while dealing with the deepest and most vulnerable aspects of my life story (including my sex story). I highly recommend womb healing and therapy sessions with Lakshmih to all women who wish to be in contact with the deeper, feminine side of themselves.

Furthermore, Lakshmih embodies her own feminine energy with grace, integrity and grounded-ness.

– Sandra Honeyford UK

Womb Healing/Therapy

You will often be guided to a deep place within yourself to heal. It is sensitive work so I fine tune to go at a pace that meets your individual needs. You will always be held in a safe space. A space for you to speak freely, feel and express your emotions and release what is ready to leave you.

Every session is, in essence, a healing session. As soon as you book an appointment, you have said yes to healing. Your sessions are a combination of deep therapeutic processing and hands-on healing, all depending on where you are that day and what comes up. It’s always best, in each session, to address whatever is most urgent for you. Let your emotions guide you.

Sometimes this will be directly related to your womb wounds, others days not, but trust this and allow yourself to heal in all areas of your life. For example, the way you relate to others is a big part of understanding how and why you may have put up barriers to protect yourself or numbed yourself; healing is often needed in our relationships. This work of healing the womb is rarely done in isolation.

Lakshmih Moon giving womb healing to a client

Some things you may want to bring up in sessions

  • Your sexual history
  • Your sex story
  • Your sexual wounds and trauma
  • Infertility struggles 
  • The lack of feeling in your womb
  • The pain in your sexual organs
  • How you have dealt with your menstrual cycles
  • How you learnt about sex and how this has shaped you
  • Your fears, anxieties and awareness of feeling unsafe or not good enough as a woman or making yourself small in the company of others
  • Your deep longing for intimate and safe relationships
  • Your struggles with low self-worth and setting boundaries
  • The parts of yourself you would like to find gentleness for and change – this can be things like anger, comparing, complaining, criticising, judging, jealousy etc.
  • Your wish to feel sensual aliveness
  • Your wish to bring out your unique beauty and feminine expression

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